Frequently Asked Questions – Online

How can I get statements to print on fewer pages?

To print statements on fewer sheets of paper while still maintaining readability, find your browser below and make the following adjustments.

Internet Explorer (versions 7.0 and 8.0)

Under Printing > Configure Page Setup

  1. Right Click on Page
  2. Select Print Preview option
  3. Select 1 Page View & Shrink to Fit

Under Printing > Configure Text Size

  1. Select View Menu
  2. Select Text Size option
  3. Select Smallest option

Mozilla Firefox (3.6 and 4.0)

Under Printing > Configure Page Setup

  1. Select File Menu
  2. Select Page Setup option
  3. Select Portrait, Shrink to Fit

Under Printing > Configure Text Size

  1. Select View Menu
  2. Select Zoom
  3. Select Zoom out x2

Chrome 12.0

Under Printing > Configure Page Setup

  1. Right Click on Page
  2. Select Print ... option
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Select Paper tab
  5. Check Zoom to 70%

Under Printing > Configure Text Size

  1. Select Tool icon 
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Under the Hood
  4. Select Font size: Small

Safari 5.0

Under Printing > Configure Page Setup

  1. Right Click on Page
  2. Select Print page ...
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select Paper tab
  5. Check Zoom to 70%

Under Printing > Configure Text Size

  1. Hover over Zoom
  2. Select Zoom out x2
How do I add another vehicle to my EZ Account?

By logging into your account online, calling Customer Service or by visiting an EZ TAG Store .

Online: Log into your account and select the "Vehicles & EZ TAGs" tab, determine if it will be added permanently or temporarily and then follow the directions to complete the addition.

Telephone: Call Customer Service 281-875-3279 (M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

In Person: Visit an EZ TAG Store location (M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Please note that adding a permanent vehicle(s) to your account will require an additional tag purchase for each additional tag(s) and may increase the minimum balance required on the account. NOTE: For accounting purposes old vehicles, such as those sold, will always be noted on your account but will show as "inactive".

How do I change my name and/or driver's license number on my account?

Please call 281-875-3279 or visit any EZ TAG Store.

For security reasons, we do not allow the name, driver's license number, tax ID, and/or company name on the account to be changed online.

How do I change vehicle and/or address information on my EZ TAG account?

You can change your vehicle and/or address information by logging into your account online, calling Customer Service at 281-875-3279, or by visiting any EZ TAG Store.

How do I get online access to my existing EZ TAG account?

set up online account access.

If you do not have an EZ TAG, you can apply online to get one.

How do I pay for a toll violation?

For a mailed Toll Violation Invoice:

  • If you have received a mailed Toll Violation Invoice, you may pay online.  You may also pay by mail to the address shown on your invoice, or by calling 281-875-3279 during posted business hours. Please include the Toll Violation Invoice number, license plate and state on all documents and payments, along with a phone number and an email address where you may be reached.

For a toll violation event not yet invoiced:

  • To make payment for a toll violation event which has not yet been invoiced to you, please call 281-875-3279 to pay by credit card. Payment may also be made by US check or money order at one of our EZ TAG Store locations, or by mail to the address below. Because toll payment is due at the time of the transaction, payment for a toll violation event will only be accepted as a one-time courtesy and is intended for drivers who have accidentally entered the toll road without the proper payment method. All future toll transactions will be processed as part of a Toll Violation Invoice if payment is not received at the time of the transaction, per Texas Transportation Code, Chapter 284.

  • HCTRA – Payment Processing
    7701 Wilshire Place Drive
    Houston, TX 77040-5326

  • Payment cannot be processed without your license plate number, state and contact information. Include the date, time and location of the event, if possible. Please do not send cash!

What are my responsibilities as an EZ TAG account holder?

Your responsibilities are contained in the EZ TAG Agreement included as part of your EZ TAG Account application.

By using the EZ TAG you are agreeing to your responsibilities as an account holder.  Please be sure you read this agreement carefully and understand the terms and conditions. You will be notified whenever there is a change in the terms and conditions contained in the EZ Agreement. Likewise, if any of your information changes such as name, address, credit card, or vehicle information, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately. As an EZ TAG Account holder, you are also responsible for maintaining a minimum balance in your account as described in the Application and Agreement.

What display settings allow optimal site viewing?

The Harris County Toll Road Authority suggests setting your Display Properties no smaller than 1024x768.

What internet browsers does this site support?

The website will work on the latest versions of most commonly used browsers. The website is regularly tested on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, on the Microsoft Windows platform, as well as Safari on iOS. Please update your browser to the latest version to optimize functionality when using

Why does HCTRA require so much information to sign up for an online account?

The Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) is dedicated to maintaining your privacy and the safety of your personal data.  By requesting three identifying pieces of information when you first enroll online, we can reasonably ensure your privacy and your account's protection.

Why does the website repeatedly ask me to log-in?

Your web browser security settings might be set too high.

When security settings in a browser are set to the highest levels, the browser does not allow third-party cookies to be used by any website.  Most websites, such as depend on cookies for many things, including controlling a user's navigation from one webpage to another.  If your security settings are set too high, where they do not allow third party cookies, then multiple problems could occur, including being logged out inadvertently.

To troubleshoot this issue, we recommend reducing your privacy settings from "block all cookies" to the next highest setting, "High." You can also specify as a "Trusted Site."

Using Internet Explorer:

  1. Select <High> on the privacy slider as designated above
  2. Specify as a trusted site by doing the following
    1. In the same window, select the  <Sites> button
    2. On the next screen, enter "" in the "Address of website" field, and then
  3. Select the <Allow>button.

Internet Explorer screenshot of how to fix your browser when repeatedly logged out

This will permit, and only, the ability to use cookies on your computer, and no other sites (unless also designated here).

Using Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Select <Tools>, <Options>
  2. Unselect the checkbox "Accept cookies from sites" select <Exceptions>
  3. Enter "" in the "Address of website" field
  4. Select <Allow>.

Mozilla Firefox screenshot of how to fix your browser when repeatedly logged out

Will my information be given or sold to a third party?

No.  Except where required by law, your personal and financial data remain private and encrypted inside the Harris County Toll Road Authority (HCTRA) databases.

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